Three Celebrity-Inspired Hair Trends For Spring

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Spring is finally here, and that means it may be time to reconsider the same, tired hair style you have been sporting for the last several months. New haircuts can easily freshen up your look while you hastily purchase some more spring-appropriate clothing. Celebrities are taking the first steps for you, dyeing their hair, trimming their locks, and setting new trends. Here are some of the most popular, celebrity-inspired styles for spring:

Bold and Bright Color

In a bizarre turn of events, several celebrities are daring to go unnatural — with green and even rainbow-colored hair. Katy Perry dyed the ends of her hair green to change things up for spring. Reality TV star Kylie Jennifer recently followed suit. “On April 6, Kylie got her blonde ombre redone, and just about a week later she decided to go green for Coachella. Maybe she got some inspiration from the amazing Katy, or she just decided to go for a fun look for the music festival,” Hollywood Life adds. Pop star Demi Lovato turned it up a notch, stepping out of a hair salon with rainbow-colored hair. Lovato later revealed that they were extensions.

Why Everyone is Ombre-Obsessed

It’s only been a little over a month since stars, including Jared Leto, debuted ombre hairstyles at the Oscars. Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, and Leighton Meester also famously sport ombre-colored locks. It is important to complement long hair styles, such as long, ombre hair, with the right hair care products. “With many of today’s layered hairstyles, using the right styling product can make a real, visible difference. Nowadays, it’s not just about the cut but about the product technology that goes with it,” Woman’s Day explains.

Pixie Cuts Still Going Strong

Beauty hair salons are also seeing a growing number of women choosing daring pixie cuts. Pamela Anderson recently joined the list of famous stars, also including actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, with striking, short hairdos. “Nothing enhances a beautiful bone structure more than a cute short haircut. It’s feminine, alluring, classy, and downright stunning,” a celebrity hairstylist continues.

Refresh your look for spring with the perfect, warm weather hair cut. Head out to the hair salon to add some bold color to your hair, opt for ombre locks, or cut hair off for an elegant pixie cut. Links like this.

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