Tips That Will Help You Get Through Radiation Therapy

Proton cancer treatment

Like many other forms of medicines, radiation treatment for cancer causes terrible side effects to your body. More than 67,000 people worldwide have received proton therapy at centers in Europe, Asia and the United States. It was first used to treat patients in 1955 in a research setting, but its use was limited because imaging techniques could not accurately pinpoint tumors. Cancer treatment therapy makes patients feel fatigue, it irritates the skin, loss of appetite and causes several other side effects during the entire process. While everyone reacts differently when they are going through proton treatment, it really depends on the type of cancer you have, the location of the cancer, the amount of radiation needed to treat the cancer, as well as your overall health that determines how bad the side effects are. There have been cases where individual experience no side effects at all during their radiation treatment for cancer, while other patients deal with a legion of different side effects that makes it even harder for them to live comfortably. Let?s take a close look at some helpful tips that will allow you to cope with radiation treatment for cancer.

If you?re a cancer patients and must undergo a some form of cancer treatment therapy, it?s highly recommended that you use a water-based moisturizer for your skin after each treatment. Especially before you see the appearance of redness and start to feel the dryness in our skin. If there is a specific type of moisturizer that you need to help cope with the side effects of dry itchy skin, be sure to consult your oncologist on the best options. Try your best to stick to something that is fragrance free or has a very mild scent to it. Use something that will work best for your condition.

If you’re undergoing breast cancer treatment
then it?s time to get rid of your bra and go bra-less at least for the duration of your treatment. This is the best way to prevent any itching or irritation around your breasts. If it?s imperative that you wear a bra ensure that it does not come with any underwires. It?s also recommended that you wear loose clothing, both shirts and pants depending on which region of the body the cancer is located in. Wearing comfortable and casual attire during radiation treatment for cancer will help you immensely.

If possible try to avoid extensive amounts of sun exposure during radiation treatment. Make sure you cover up a bit when you are outside in the sun until after your treatment is over. This is because the skin tends to be fragile and easily irritated due to the effects of the radiation. The sun?s rays can intensify those side effects so make sure you use plenty of sunblock and cover up.

Last bu not least, get plenty of rest. It?s been proven that the more you rest the less severe the side effects are. Resting makes things much easier for you to cope with so take it easy and practice good eating habits. Schedule some time when you can just lay back and relax during the day. It will surely prove beneficial in the long run during the cancer proton therapy.

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