Urgent Care A Convenient Option to Traditional Hospital Emergency Room Visits

The field of urgent care medicine continues to expand. Currently, there are approximately 20,000 physicians who practice within this field. The Urgent Care Association of American reported that roughly three million people visit their local urgent care centers on a weekly basis. These centers provide a convenient and affordable way for individuals and their families to receive a wide range of medical services.

Medical Services Provided by Urgent Care Centers

The types of medical attention that someone can receive at an urgent care center may vary. Someone can visit one of these centers for a flu shot or another vaccination, for example. Minor fracture treatments are also available at four out of five urgent care clinics. Strains and sprains can be diagnosed and treated.

If someone is suffering with a cold or the flu, these illnesses can be treated at a local walk-in center. Every year, Americans come down with roughly one billion colds. An average of five percent to 20% of the population will also become ill with the flu. Another common condition that requires medical attention is urinary tract infections. About 8.1 million doctor visits are for this type of infection alone.

It’s important to note that preventative care is available as well. This includes the aforementioned vaccinations as well as sports physicals and annual wellness check-ups. Some of these centers may also offer physical therapy and other specialized forms of treatment.

Visit Your Local Urgent Care Center

When you are feeling ill or have sustained a minor injury, visiting a walk-in clinic is more convenient than the local hospital emergency room. In addition to having extended morning and evening hours, 85% of these centers see patients throughout the entire week. Once you arrive, it will usually take just 15 or so minutes to be seen by a physician or physician’s assistant.

It’s important to note that the per-visit costs are considerably less than those at hospital emergency rooms. Furthermore, you can also be seen without making an appointment in advance, which is another added benefit. After you directly experience the benefits of receiving treatment at your local urgent care center, there’s an excellent chance that you will choose to visit them when needed in the future.

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