Your Health Needs Constant Maintenance Common Symptoms You Can Ask Your Local Family Doctor About

Your health is a constantly fluctuating thing. Just because you’re feeling awful one month doesn’t mean the next one will be quite so hard.

Sadly, the opposite is also true. This is where regular healthcare services come in. Whereas the emergency room is for life-threatening issues, it’s the little things in-between that keep you healthy. Most Americans today are dealing with at least one chronic health issue, if not several. Addiction to alcohol, ADD and insomnia, weight gain, low hormone levels, and anxiety disorder are just a few of the issues that can be treated. If any of these apply to you, consider taking a few minutes to read below.

Your best tool against chronic issues is insightful information. Step away from misconceptions and learn about the warning signs.

Low Hormone Levels Can Affect Everything You Do

Let’s start this list with one of the more tricky issues. Low hormone levels aren’t as easy to spot as a rash or frustrating sleep habits. It’s estimated over 12 million American men have low testosterone today, with most of them not even receiving help for the issue. Common signs of uneven hormone levels include an affected sex drive (too low or too high), unusual weight gain, headaches, mood swings, and hormonal acne. Meeting with the best family doctor in your area will help pinpoint the source of your hormonal issues and provide you answers.

Insomnia Is A Serious Health Issue That Needs Addressing

It’s easy to write off bad sleep habits as a personal failing, but it can be a sign of a deeper problem. The onset of mental illness, chronic stress, and poor diet can all contribute to insomnia. You’ll know you have this issue if you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. This can cross over with sleep apnea, which is characterized by waking up several times throughout the night. Ask your family doctor about the source of your insomnia and how you can reverse it.

Weight Gain Can Be Caused By Several Factors

Have you gained several pounds this year and don’t know why? What about lost a little bit too much weight? These fluctuations are best tracked with the aid of a doctor, as they can be a warning sign of something deeper. It’s estimated one out of three Americans today are overweight or obese, with similar incidents among children. A high weight can increase your risk for heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

ADD Isn’t Just A Childhood Disorder

Mental illness needs to be discussed if it’s to be managed. Unfortunately, being mentally ill can make even a basic conversation very hard. ADD is a disorder that is known for making it difficult to concentrate, affecting interpersonal relationships, and interfering with daily tasks. Contrary to popular belief, ADD is not a childhood disorder — nearly 5% of American adults have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Talk to a family practice board review about being properly diagnosed if you display any of the above symptoms continuously.

Alcoholism Should Be Spotted As Early As Possible

The only issue more common than insomnia or weight gain is alcoholism. It’s been determined alcoholism ranks third when it comes to deadliest diseases in the United States. Fortunately, the alcohol detox is very effective at reducing your symptoms and making the disease more manageable. An alcohol detox doctor can determine your risk — ranging from family history to lifestyle — and work from there. If you drink more than three times per week, or never turn down a drink, it’s recommended you talk to a doctor about a detox.

Good health is not always a consistent thing. Help it along by talking to your local family detox doctor about your symptoms.

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