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What Do You Really Get When You Join a Racquet Club? Take a Look at Some of the Surprising Benefits

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to shed some winter weight? Or have you set a goal for this year to have more “me time”? No matter how you’d like to spend 2015, you can accomplish whatever’s on your to-do list by joining a racquet and tennis club. What do racquet clubs offer over […]

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Understanding the Difference Between Urgent and Emergency Care

Urgent care centers have risen to the forefront of the American healthcare system by continuing to bridge the gap between hospital emergency rooms and physician offices in what many feel was a flawed healthcare system. However, a December 2014 poll conducted by the American College of Emergency Physicians revealed that many — 75 percent — […]

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Getting Personal About Personal Training

Let’s face it, getting in shape is no easy feat. It’s difficult, but only if you don’t have the right mindset or a positive outlook. Adopting a healthier, more active and balanced way of life is a complete lifestyle change, that requires not only physical changes, but mental, emotional, and for some even spiritual changes […]