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What is Dermatographic Urticaria?

There are a number of different skin conditions that can send a person to a dermatologist clinic over the course of their lives, ranging from benign problems like acne to more serious disorders like skin cancer. However, few are as strange as dermatographic urticaria, also known as dermographism, dermatographism or “skin writing”. Dermatographic urticaria is […]

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Having an Honest Discussion About Infertility

The topic of infertility can be a sensitive one, striking a painful chord with both men and women who are trying to conceive. While infertility is often considered a personal and private matter, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Conceiving a child is difficult regardless if there are any underlying issues or medical […]

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The 5 Top Questions on Low Back Strains and Sprains, Answered

A low back strain or sprain is a common injury, but it can still have some nasty effects, including causing pain and inhibiting mobility. And misdiagnosing a strain can lead to even worse injuries. Here are answers to five of the most important questions regarding this back problem: What Is a Low Back Strain or […]