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Is Your Marriage Going Through a Rough Patch? Contact a Couples Therapist

Do you and your partner have strong interpersonal communication skills? Are you both active listeners? Or are you constantly disagreeing on important issues that affect your relationship? Couples go into counseling for a variety of reasons, and some of these may have a more serious impact on the marriage than others. If one or both […]

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By the Time You Notice Hair Loss in a Mirror, You’ve Already Lost Half Your Follicles

Bald is beautiful, but some people would rather keep as much of their own hair as possible. They may be dealing with a slightly receding hairline due to age, or they may have a scar that prevents hair from growing on part of their scalp. There are different types of hair loss, but Androgenetic Alopecia […]

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5 Reasons Why Clinical Trials are the Best Way to Make People Get Better

Medical research studies are incredibly important to our day and age. Without it, there are so many breakthroughs that wouldn’t have happen, so many people that wouldn’t have been able to be saved. The common cold used to kill entire generations many years ago. Now, it’s not even that big of a deal because we […]

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Are You Tossing and Turning At Night? Why Back Pain Could Be a Sign That You Need New Shoes

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night and you’re often exhausted, you may want to reconsider the shoes you wear every day. Recently, new technology has been developed that allows us to track our steps. How many do you take every day? Most of us take more than 5,000 steps per day, and most of […]