Common Vision Disorders What You Need to Know

Among those described in the video, glaucoma is considered the most serious age-related vision disorder. Caused by excessive pressure within the eye, this condition can eventually result in a total loss of vision. It is best handled through early detection.

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Cataracts also represent a threat to one’s vision when the clouding of the lens of the eye becomes extreme. However, cataracts can usually be treated through surgery. At the other end of the scale is presbyopia, a farsighted condition that often develops as part of the normal aging process and can usually be corrected with prescription eyeglasses. Floaters are little specks that often go away on their own, although they may indicate something more serious.

The other conditions described do not directly affect the eye, but they can still be troublesome. Conjunctivitis involves the inflammation of the eyelid and related eye tissue. Often caused by a bacterial infection, the condition can usually be treated with eye drops or other types of medication. Similar treatments are used in cases of dry eye or related eyelid problems, which are marked by burning and itching. No matter the condition, those that are serious require professional attention.

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