Continue Your Active Lifestyle With a Well-Maintained Wheelchair

There are millions of people within the world that live with some type of disability. According to the Census Bureau, disability status is determined by the responses to six questions. These pertain to levels of difficulty with hearing, vision, and cognition. They also include difficulty with walking, climbing stairs, self-care, and independent living.

Every year in the United States, two million people begin using wheelchairs for the first time. Currently, however, there are roughly 3.6 million people aged 15 and older that use wheelchairs to assist them with being more mobile. There are 11.6 million individuals that use canes, crutches, or walkers to increase their mobility. Some of these individuals may also use wheelchairs in addition to their other assistive devices.

It’s important to note that public transportation has improved its wheelchair accommodations. Most, or roughly 98% of public transportation buses, now have designated wheelchair sections with hook-ups. There are also sections to accommodate walkers and areas with extended leg room for people using crutches or wearing leg braces. These public transportation accommodations enable individuals to experience increased accessibility to stores, parks, and other destinations.

If you experience limited mobility and continue to live an active lifestyle, there’s a good chance you have one of the high performance wheelchairs. Whether you drive a vehicle with added accessibility features such as motorized lifts or take public transportation, you want to make sure that your wheelchair is comfortable, functions optimally, and is well-maintained.

There are a variety of parts and accessories that you may want or need from time-to-time. This includes wheelchair backrests, cushion covers, side guards, and tires. You may also be interested in having a second wheelchair that folds up for easy storage. Folding wheelchairs can also be conveniently transported when going out with friends and family.

Now that the weather is improving, you may be planning to spend more time enjoying the outdoors at local gardens, the park, stores, and other venues. If your wheelchair hasn’t been inspected or received routine maintenance for a while, now would be a great time to take care of this. Since you want to maintain your self-reliance, making sure your wheelchair is in the best condition possible will make a difference in this regard.

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