Could a Christian Detox Center Do a Better Job At Treatment?

It is estimated that more than 20 million Americans age 12 and older have an addiction to some substance, excluding tobacco products. In 2016, 2.3 million people in that age group received treatment for an alcohol addiction. About 5,000 patients will enter emergency rooms for a drug abuse each day, it is true. Yet alcohol perhaps is more difficult to detox from for a number of reasons. When it comes to alcohol abuse, it seems that having backup is the key to long-term recovery.

Are All Alcohol Detox Centers the Same?

Alcohol rehab centers come in many different offerings. Some are simple structures in the middle of a city, while others are an oasis of calm for only the wealthiest of patients. Among these options are Christian detox centers, with a distinct message for their patients. Each center has the goal of assisting their patients with overcoming their addiction completely.

Why Is Alcohol So Tempting an Addiction?

Alcohol is often used as a relaxant. People commonly have a drink after a day at work, or after a difficult social interaction. Using alcohol to avoid dealing with an emotional problem is a widely-used tactic. Of course, its effectiveness is limited to the period one is under the influence.

Many people classify themselves as “social drinkers,” meaning they claim to only drink when around a group of friends. While there are plenty of people who do drink responsibly, very often these “social drinkers” greatly underestimate the amount they are drinking. In short, they could be binge drinking in public and falsely assume their behavior is normal.

What’s Special About Christian Recovery Programs?

The difference between a Christian detox center and other alcohol detox centers is that the Christian center insists that God will help patients through their hard times. All centers share the same purpose, which is to help the patient overcome their addiction to alcohol. Some patients find that a Christian detox center, with their message of forgiveness and hope, is helpful.

What Helps Someone Succeed At Defeating Their Alcohol Abuse?

Even though alcohol abuse is a tough habit to quit, there are a few proven techniques that keep people on the straight and narrow path of living free from addiction. The first is accountability, which has been parodied repeatedly. This often takes the form of confessing to one’s alcohol abuse. Addicts frequently try to pretend to themselves that their addictions are not really as bad as they seem. Avoiding the truth does no one any favors.

Admitting one’s problem takes maturity. It puts the cause of the problem right where it belongs. It also puts the solution to the problem where it belongs: with the addict. Accountability means that the patient commits to saving their own life. Christian detox centers simply want to let their patients know that they can also rely on a bigger Savior in Christ.

Alcoholism is a problem that eventually destroys many of the joys of living. One’s health, work prospects, goals, and even one’s relationships are all effected it. But quitting alcohol on your own is not just hard, but can actually be dangerous. While there are many people who successfully quit drinking without going to alcohol treatment centers, it sure is an easier process when there is help involved. Whether help comes in the form of renewed spirituality or not, don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it.

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