Do You Have the Appropriate Lotion Dispensing Machines for Your Operation?

The soap and detergent market produced by cosmetic manufacturing equipment will be valued at an excess of $805 billion globally by 2023. While it’s clear that skincare is important to countless people, meeting that demand means you’ll need the most efficient lotion dispensers for your product. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Producing Lotion Requires Different Equipment

While candle making first requires the use of a melter, you may not need that for lotion production. In addition, lotions and creams come in a number of different consistencies, ranging from thick and whipped to near-liquid. The type of lotion dispensing machine you use is important to consider with all of the variations in consistency. If your facility is producing more than one kind of lotion or cream, you may need to consider different equipment for each kind of lotion.

Pump Fillers

Pump filling machines are typically the ideal equipment for most creams and lotions. Not only can they handle products with different consistencies, but they can also be customized with specific pumps that are matched to a particular product. This ensures that you’ll have the right lotion dispenser for every product in your facility’s lineup. That being said, a different pump will be required every time you want to produce a certain formula. This means a little bit of extra maintenance will be required between batches to ensure the appropriate pump is attached. Fortunately, the small bit of additional care goes a long way in ensuring that each and every formula you create is dispensed properly and without incident.

Overflow Fillers

Overflow lotion dispensers are ideal for formulas that have a near-liquid consistency. They’re also ideal for products that may be packaged in clear bottles. This is primarily because of the way they operate. Overflow lotion dispensers create a seal over the bottle opening before beginning to fill the bottle. Once they start filling the lotion bottle, the machine will stop at a designated level and “overflow” the remaining product back into a holding tank to be used for another batch. Not only does this ensure a level amount of product in each container, but it helps eliminate product waste. That being said, this type of lotion dispensing machine is less than ideal for thicker creams and lotions. For those formulas, you’re typically better off with a pump filler.

Lotion dispensers are an invaluable part of the lotion manufacturing process. Understanding which equipment is best for your particular set of products is key to creating an efficient manufacturing process and high-quality product packaging.

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