Establishing Good Dental Health Habits in your Family

Dental care is a very important component of health and wellness. And like all other areas of health, you want to instill these good habits in your children early.

It’s critical that you begin explaining to your kids why dental healthcare is important from a very young age.

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Your kids should not simply be taught to brush and floss their teeth, but also WHY exactly they’re brushing and flossing their teeth.

And while regular dental visits are very crucial to their overall wellness, good dental health begins at home. Your kids will learn from you so set a good example. Make sure they understand that daily brushing and flossing are non-negotiable habits that must be completed every day.

If your child needs some additional help, there is a wealth of resources available. You can find materials that are tailored to your child’s exact age or stage of development that explain the necessity of dental healthcare. Make sure you use language and concepts your child understands and feels comfortable with.

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