Fundraiser Aims to Raise Money for Alaris IV Pumps for Hospital

IV pump equipment is often a staple in most hospitals. In fact, a recent report from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists found that 72.9% of U.S. hospitals utilized smart infusion pumps for their patient care. These pumps are important to safely and effectively administer IV medication. And an upcoming Canadian fundraiser is looking to raise money to buy six Alaris syringe pumps.

The 17th Annual Have a Heart Radiothon is taking place this Valentine’s Day. The fundraising is looking to bring in money for the Fort St. John Hospital Foundation. From 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the foundation will be broadcasting live, looking to raise $45,000 that they need to buy the Alaris infusion pumps.

In a news release, the foundation explained, “For infants and pediatric infusions, where weight is a critical factor in drug and fluid dosages and protection, these pumps are essential. These pumps will help achieve the most accurate pediatric dosage possible. It takes a lot more to take care of children, they have specific needs and deserve the best technology. Funds will help physicians provide the best possible medical care for children in the Northeast.”

Like most hospital equipment, these pumps are essential to improving patient care and can help increase IV medication safety.

If the fundraising goal of $45,000 is exceeded, any extra funds will be spent on additional equipment needed for infant and pediatric care at the hospital.

The Benefits of Alaris Pumps

When it comes to IV pump equipment, Alaris pumps are some of the best. The brand produces both patient-controlled dosing machines and hospital staff-controlled dosing machines. The products can be used for adult, pediatric, and even neonatal dosing. Alaris pumps have simple programming options and are easy to use when delivering medications. Infusion therapy is made simple when these machines are used and the pumps can be adjusted as needed for each individual patient. With the right pump, the risk of medication error is minimized to provide safe treatment to patients.

If you’re looking to rent or buy Alaris IV pump equipment, contact us today to learn more about the equipment we offer.

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