How Does Vitamin C Impact Your Skin?

In this video, Dr. Sam Ellis, shares information about vitamin C and the skin. Found in oranges and fancy serums, it builds collagen, shields from the sun’s wrath, and even fights off dark spots. Ascorbic acid is the OG form, but it’s a bit finicky (think grumpy toddler). Look for affordable vitamin C serum between 5-20% and ditch them when they turn yellow. Dr. Sam loves Timeless CE Ferulic and The Ordinary’s Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% for budget-friendly options.

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Oil vs. water – vitamin C can hang out in both. Oil-based options, like L’Oreal Revitalift or CeraVe, might be gentler, while water-based ones pack a bigger punch. And then there’s THD ascorbate, the stable cousin that penetrates deep. Dr. Sam’s picks are Revision Skincare C Correcting Complex and Alto Advanced Defense and Repair Serum.

How to use it: Think morning, after cleansing, like a pre-game pep talk for your skin. Don’t mix it with benzoyl peroxide or copper peptides (they’ll cancel each other out). Be careful with exfoliating acids. Niacinamide and vitamin C can actually be besties. So, don’t believe the rumors.

The bottom line: Vitamin C is a great addition to your routine, but not a holy grail. If you can swing it, awesome. If not, no worries. Just ensure you’re cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen like a champ. Your skin will thank you. So, there you have it – the vitamin C lowdown, straight from the doc’s mouth. Remember, healthy skin is happy skin, so do what works for you and rock that glow.


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