Is Exercise or Diet More Important for Weight Loss?

Many people who are just beginning their weight loss journey find themselves wondering which to prioritize: diet or exercise. This video details the importance of both and the realities involved when it comes to burning calories.

Exercise, while important, should be undertaken with manageable expectations.

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Oftentimes, individuals will not see weight loss results with exercise alone. That is because to see significant results, one should generally exercise with moderate to high intensity for at least 60 minutes a day.

Diet is going to play an enormous role in losing weight. However, be aware that when considering diet, one should think about more than just what it is that they are eating. When you are eating and how you are eating also come into play. Additionally, the number of calories that we consume should be considered as well as what type of calories we are consuming.

The medical professional in this video explains that half of a bagel and a meal of eggs may have the same number of calories, but they will not provide the same type of calories. How fast we eat is also a factor in weight loss.

This is all to say that a healthy combination of both diet and exercise will produce the best results for those looking to lose a few pounds.

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