Life Saving Stat Sealing for Combat Wounds

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On the battlefield, medics need to stop bleeding fast. With new injectable sponges called x stat, they have a new method of stopping bleeding fast and better chances to save lives

The x stat seal is used in narrow entrance wounds like gunshot wounds. As soon as it’s injected into the wound, it absorbs the blood, inflates, and stops the bleeding. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. Yet this simple idea is saving lives.

It generally takes 3-5mins to stop bleeding. This may not seem like much, but every minute counts when you’re dealing with life-threatening wounds. The x stat can get it done in seconds.

The x stat is self-compressing, meaning it expands within the wound. The traditional method to stop bleeding is to put pressure on top of the wound. Since you can’t see the bleeding when you do this, you have to hope it’s working. The x stat goes into the wound and puts pressure on from the inside out, covering all angles of blood loss and allowing the medic to see if it’s working.

This innovative technology is saving human lives on the battlefield. Watch the video above for more information on this simple, yet miraculous, technology.

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