Platelet Rich Plasma FAQs

Platelet rich plasma injections have risen in popularity over the last few years as an alternative form of medical treatment. Here are a few things to know about this treatment method.
Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Overview
What is PRP?
Platelet rich plasma injections use your body’s own healing power to regenerate cell and tissue growth.

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Platelets are tiny cells that flow throughout your body. They assist in muscle and tissue recovery. Platelets should step in if you have sore or inflamed muscles to help reduce pain.
How Do Injections Work?
The doctor will draw your blood and then transfer it into a specific tube where your platelets are separated. Once the platelets have been separated from your blood, they are re-injected into your body to treat the injured areas.
Common Issues That PRP Assists
PRP injections are generally used to treat damaged muscles, ligaments, and tendons. PRP injections can also assist in knee and elbow healing.
When Do The Injection Results Kick In?
Most doctors allow you to do light physical activities a few weeks after the injection. Data shows that joints heal faster than tendons. Your joint pain should go away within a month or so after your platelet rich plasma starts working. However, a damaged tendon could take a few months to heal. Your recovery time depends on variables such as the amount of sleep you get and your diet. These questions should help you decide if platelet rich plasma injections are right for you.

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