Three Myths That Can Get In The Way Of Successful Fitness Coaching

Fitness plan

Just one in five American adults get the recommended amounts of strength training and aerobic exercise. In fact, under 5% exercise for 30 minutes or more daily. What’s more, currently only 20% of U.S. men and women lose weight and keep it off long-term. These statistics may seem pretty bleak. In reality, all of these facts point to one thing: opportunity.

More Americans are making an effort to eat healthy and exercise, but the aforementioned facts make it pretty obvious that people are still struggling with the specifics. Taking up personal fitness coaching can help you stay on track, while helping others meet their fitness goals. And it’s not nearly as hard as you think. Here are some common coaching myths debunked:

Myth: You Need To Look Like A Body Builder To Become A Fitness Coach

No, you don’t need to look like a body builder to become a fitness coach. In nearly all cases, coaching requires commitment. Coaches in training must pay for and complete a certification program. And that’s it. It does help to be able to draw from your own fitness journey. In other words, people are going to be more enthusiastic about working with you if you have gotten results.

Myth: Fitness Always Involves Sticking To A Rigid Routine

Yes, dedication is important when it comes to fitness — but that doesn’t necessarily mean doing the same exact thing every day, or every week. Doing whatever you can to mix up customers’ routines and keep workouts new, interesting, and fun will yield results.

Myth: It’s Too Late

Many people equate exercise with youth. The reality is that it’s never too late. Picking up an exercise routine at any age has its benefits, and it’s important to communicate that message. Whether clients choose trendy Beach Body workouts or a more tradition sweat session, it will provide health benefits and keep them looking and feeling young. Studies show that even sedentary seniors who pick up exercise can improve bone density and muscle mass.

Coaching customer through their beach body workout or fitness regime is not quite as difficult as you’d think. Help change lives with interesting routines and a little education.

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