Understanding Medicaid Income Rules

If you are an elder or if you have a loved one who is an elder and you are thinking about nursing home care, you will need to understand certain Medicaid rules so that you get the most out of your benefits. You can get the help of a Medicaid lawyer who will review your particular situation to help you decide what you can afford and what kind of aid you will receive. In this video, you will learn about the income rules for Medicaid as it pertains to nursing home care.

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The rules surrounding Medicaid tend to change each year, so you will want to brush up on your understanding every once in a while. This video will go into depth about the 2021 rules, so be sure to check what rules have changed since 2022. Nursing homes are expensive and Medicaid can help. Medicaid will often cover the expenses after you have used up all your assets to pay for it as much as possible. The rules will help you understand when you can start receiving help and under what circumstances.


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