What Do Medical Aestheticians Do?

Have you ever thought about the difference between going to a spa and seeing a medical aesthetician? Well, it’s quite a big deal. At first, you might think estheticians just do relaxing stuff like facials at spas. But in this video, the reporter goes into this other group called medical aestheticians, and they’re kind of like super estheticians. They work with doctors to help folks with really tricky skin issues, using tools like laser treatments.

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The reporter explains more about what a medical aesthetician does. Even though they have “medical” in their title, all estheticians start with the same kind of training. But the ones in medical places have extra training so they can help go deeper with those skin issues.


Furthermore, the reporter talks about how a medical aesthetician is different from the ones at spas. If you just want to chill and get a facial, a spa esthetician is your go-to. But if you’ve got a tough skin problem, like bad acne or rosacea, you’ll want to see a medical aesthetician. They’ve got the training for serious skincare and usually work in places like skin doctors’ offices or medical spas. Hopefully, this helps you figure out who to see based on what your skin needs, making it super clear that there’s a right professional for every skin situation.

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