What Does a Famous Golfers Home Golf Simulator Look Like?

Whether you have your own home golf simulator or not, if you’re a fan of golf then you know about Gary Woodland. Like most avid golfers, this pro has a home simulator for the days when it’s not possible to get out on the course. Let’s take a look at 2019 U.S. Open Champion Gary Woodland’s pro golf basement setup.

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As expected, Woodland has his very own golf simulator in his finished basement. How else is a pro supposed to practice on a daily basis? His golf simulator is top of the line and takes up almost an entire wall. The putting green covers a large portion of the floors and a crystal clear projection reveals some of the world’s most famous golf courses to practice on.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Woodland’s virtual golf setup is how responsive it is. When the ball rolls along the green, you can see the grass getting displaced. Flowers and trees sway in the breeze when the wind is being simulated in the virtual environment.

Whether your goal is to be a pro golfer or you just enjoy the sport for the fun of it, getting a glimpse into the setup of a famous golf champion is certainly a treat.


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