What is a Ledger Style Grave Marker

A Ledger style grave marker is usually built by a Grave Marker company. It is a large slab of stone covering the whole grave and typically 8 inches thick. A monument or headstone may be placed on top of a Ledger Grave Marker, or the marker itself can be inscribed and used as a headstone.

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The art files provide a broad choice of pictures, designs and symbols that may be used to commemorate the life of a loved one. Schlitzberger and Daughters will work closely with you to design and build your custom flat burial monument to your precise requirements.
Many families are drawn to complete ledger memorials because of the attention and respect these monuments demand. It is possible to add a cast-bronze flower vase to both forms of memorials, which may then be recessed within the monument when not in use. Additionally, bronze is available in a number of classic and contemporary hues, which may be used to better portray the individuality of people who have passed away. A wide variety of shades are accessible in granite, a naturally occurring substance with a broad spectrum of colors.
One of life’s most painful experiences is losing someone close to you. When someone we love passes away, we want their last memorial to be beautiful and meaningful. Memorials like a stunning complete ledger burial monument are significant since they honor a loved one’s life while also passing on their legacy to future generations. Indeed, Grave Marker Company can help you with that. Watch the video for more.

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