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Family Matters Understanding the Link Between Family Health and Individual Health

It’s often been said that it takes a village to raise a child, meaning that aside from one’s parents, the entire community — including other family members, friends, neighbors, etc., — contribute to raising a happy, healthy, child. This same community approach can be applied to one’s health. After all, it’s easier to stay on […]

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Can a Cryolipolysis Treatment Help You Get To Your Ideal Weight?

Cryolipolysis treatments are quickly becoming a popular option for cellulite removal treatments, and cryolipolysis is a great alternative to an invasive tummy tuck surgery or liposuction procedure. Here are the basics of the cryolipolysis benefits with a procedure: Cryolipolysis is also often called a CoolSculpting or fat freezing procedure. It uses simple fat freezing technology […]

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Medallus Medical Opens Ninth Urgent Care Clinic in Utah

In recent years, urgent care centers have become a popular solution for communities looking to fill the gap between busy local doctors offices and overwhelmed emergency room care. These walk in medical clinics are attractive for a number of reason: they are affordable, offer care for a wide variety of non-critical illnesses and injuries, and […]

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Making Doctor Appointments in Your Pharmacy

In November, retail centers in Miami debuted telehealth and telemedicine kiosks for patients to connect with doctors in privacy and convenience. Florida patients were able to utilize the kiosk to seek treatment for fevers, infections, rashes, and the flu, among other ailments. Now, RiteAid is adding kiosks to their stores, making physicians more accessible to […]