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Taking a Look At How We Can Change The Educational System Of the United States For The Better

Education is the cornerstone of our society. Educating our children is important not only for their individual minds, but for society as a whole. Education can provide opportunity and fortune. It can provide happiness. It can provide education. On a whole, there are many benefits to education in our world, but education is, in many […]

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Could Zerona Be Beneficial To You And Your Weightless Journey?

Everyday in the United States it happens – one more person steps on their scale and the numbers tick up and up in ways that make the standee uncomfortable. For these individuals weight loss seems almost unattainable. For two out of three adults, the diagnosis of being overweight or obese has passed through their doctor’s […]

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Could Telepsychiatry Help Reduce Mental Health Issues?

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 43.8 million U.S. adults experience mental illness at any point during a given year. That’s without counting teens and children, who often go undiagnosed; the estimate of children and teens suffering from mental health disorders ranges from 15% to 25%. Despite how common psychiatric issues are […]