How to Balance Your Physical and Mental Health

Physical health seems to have gotten more attention than mental health by the media and people around the world for years. That has started to change in recent years, as people are now coming to really recognize how harmful not taking care of your mental health can be. In fact, you can be doing seemingly everything for your physical health, exercising, eating a well-rounded diet, cleanliness, and more, but if you aren’t caring for your mental health, your physical health will also suffer. The key is to find a balance between physical and mental health. Here are the key things you should do to care for your physical and mental health and how to balance them both.

Balancing Physical And Mental Health

Finding a good balance between physical and mental health can be tricky. While there are quite a few things you can do in your life that will benefit both your physical and mental health at the same time, don’t rely simply on multitasking. Both your physical and mental health are equally important and you need to take the time to strengthen both.

The key to finding a balance between physical and mental health is giving each the attention it needs. So many people spend a lot of time and energy figuring out their physical health habits and fail to give their mental health the focus it deserves. If this is you, this doesn’t mean you need to take attention away from your physical health, simply that you need to spend equal focus strengthening your mental health. If you’re unsure where to start, try some of the tips below. You may also consider talking with your doctor about what options are available for you.

For some people, finding a balance between physical and mental health doesn’t mean equal attention to each. If one suffers more than the other, give that the main focus. But don’t let the other be completely forgotten.

Physical Health

Physical health is much more than just exercising and eating a well-rounded diet. While those are both important for taking care of your physical health, there is much more to consider. Everything from dental care to home safety will have an impact on your physical health. The thing about physical health is that it has a huge impact on your mental health and vice versa. If you’re not really doing everything you should to be physically healthy, your mental health will then suffer as well. Here are some of the most important things you should do to be physically healthy and to get a good balance between physical and mental health in your life.

Physical Activity

Physical activity looks different for everyone. Some people will run miles every day for their physical activity, others will attend a gym. And from some people, just the daily tasks of errands and chores are the physical activity they get. The key is to make sure you are living an active lifestyle. Inactivity will not only lead to weight gain, but it can also have other harmful effects, such as the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and a negative impact on your mental health.

The American Heart Association recommends that adults try to be active every day. This means any activity that gets your heart pumping and your body moving. They recommend adults try to get 150 minutes of physical activity per week, or about 30 minutes five days a week.

Consistent physical activity will help you to find a balance between physical and mental health as it will positively impact both.

Good Healthcare

Ensuring that you’ve got the best healthcare possible will have a huge impact on not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Even the smallest details can make a big difference for your overall experience, and the best healthcare options tend to take the time to perfect even the small details. For example, a woman in childbirth would say that the difference between high-quality and low-quality birthing bed has a large impact on her comfort and experience while at the hospital. Having a healthcare experience with the best details will ensure you heal quickly and properly which will help to enhance your mental health and keep it strong.

Good healthcare will also give you access to better facilities. For example, if you need access to pain management clinics in your area for chronic illness or disease, different types of healthcare or insurance will be able to get you access to those options.


Your diet is one of the things in your life that has a huge impact on both your physical and mental health. While it gives your body the nutrients it needs to carry on throughout the day, it also gives your brain the vitamins it needs to work properly and control your emotions. Similar to physical activity, dietary needs are different for everyone. It changes based on your age, gender, health needs, and more. The best way to figure out the diet your body needs is to talk with your doctor. They will know specifically what your body needs more and less of and will have recommendations for changes you can make to find the best diet regimen for you.

Along with ensuring that you’re eating a well-rounded diet, a big part of finding a balance between physical and mental health in regards to your diet is making sure you’re getting all the vitamins you need. People generally have a hard time getting their full servings from food. This is where a multivitamin or other special vitamins will seriously help. Again, you should talk with your doctor before adding a new vitamin to your diet to make sure it is the best option for you.

Home Safety

Home safety is not the first thing people may think of when considering tips for how to enhance their physical health, but it can have a big impact again on both physical and mental health. Your home should be the safest place for you and your family, so you’ll need to take a few steps to make sure you’ve checked all the safety checkboxes. Following these tips will help you to find a balance between physical and mental health in your home.

First you need to make sure you have emergency preparedness tools, such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits. If an accident ever happens, you want to make sure you have what you need to keep it from escalating. You’ll also need to make sure anything that could be harmful or toxic for children is out of the way. This includes cleaning supplies, chemicals, or firearms if you have them in your home. Put cleaning supplies and chemicals on higher shelves or lock the cabinets that they’re in. If you have a firearm, make sure it’s locked in a safe where your children can’t access it. Having all of these things done in your home will ensure that everyone is physically safe and will give you the peace of mind to know that you can feel at ease in your home.

Dental Care

Another big part of taking care of your physical health is making sure you’re taking care of your teeth. Whether you’re young and have braces or are older and use dentures, it’s important to make sure you’re doing the basics to care for the teeth, or faux teeth, you have. This includes brushing your teeth morning and night, flossing daily, and visiting the dentists for your annual checkup and cleaning.

Dental care can also impact your mental health. Many people choose to use teeth whitening to brighten their smile and boost their confidence. If you whiten your teeth, make sure you’re using a safe option. Some teeth whitening bleach can damage your gums and cause irritation. The best option is always to get professional whitening.

Mental Health

While there are some physical health tips that can simultaneously benefit your mental health, you shouldn’t rely on that double duty to give you all the mental health care you need. Here are some things you can do to help strengthen your mental health and aid you in figuring out how to find a balance between physical and mental health.

Support Animal

It has become more and more common to have a support animal for mental health assistance. Support animals can help to lower anxiety, alleviate feelings of loneliness, normalize blood pressure, and much more. For some people, simply having a pet to have around and take care of helps them to strengthen their mental health. For those suffering from serious mental health challenges, they may need an animal that is specifically trained to be a support animal. You can checkout pet training in your area to get your pet trained as a support animal.

However, having a support animal is also a big responsibility. Just because they’re helping you doesn’t mean they can take care of themselves. You will still need to perform normal pet responsibilities, such as making sure they have food and water, taking them out for bathroom breaks, and making sure they get exercise. You’ll also have to take them in for regular health checkups. For example, if you’ve got a cat, you’ll need to take them to a vet to get specific cat care, including shots and other checkups specific for cats.

Self Care

A big part of taking care of your mental health is taking time for self-care. Self-care doesn’t always have to mean pedicures and a spa day, however, getting a face lift can make some people feel much better. Self-care is about taking time to do the things that make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So whether that is a spa day, a movie marathon, or spending time in the outdoors, make sure you’re giving yourself time to relax and reset.

Self-care also means getting the health care and treatment you need. A good balance between physical and mental health requires you to do the things that not only make your body feel better but give your mind some peace. For example, some women may choose to get breast reduction surgery to rid themselves of back pain and feel more comfortable exercising and in the everyday. This will also reflect in their mental health as it’s one less thing to be concerned about each day.


Therapy is a great source for helping to strengthen your mental health. It’s an outlet for those deep thoughts you have that you need some help working through. A therapist will allow you to talk through what you’re experiencing, validate your feelings, and help you figure out how to work through them to the best outcome. For example, if you’re going through a divorce, you’ll spend a lot of time working with the best divorce lawyer you can find to work through the nitty-gritty details. However, talking with a divorce therapist will give you the opportunity to work through your new normal and the more difficult aspects of a divorce.

If you can’t go to therapy in person due to health or distance, online therapy is also a great option. Online therapy allows people to get mental health support and treatment even in rural or remote areas. Check out the options in your area for online therapy.

Healthy Sleep

This is another tip that can help you find a balance between physical and mental health. Getting not only enough sleep each night, but also ensuring that it’s “healthy” sleep will have a huge impact on your mental health. Nightly sleep is when your mind can take the time to recharge and refresh for the next day. It will process events that have happened and help you to work through them. If you’re not getting good sleep each night, you won’t have the mental capacity to work through everything you need to.

To get good sleep, make sure you’re in a dark, warm room with no loud sounds to interrupt. If you find that you’re having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep even without distractions, talk with your doctor about what options are available to help you get better sleep.

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