Namaste, Time to Meditate

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With the world moving at such a fast pace, there is always need for personal downtime and inward reflection. A perfect way to do both is through meditation. Meditation is a way to connect with yourself, reflect on life, relieve stress, process thoughts, and relax. There have been proven health benefits related to meditation, and it is a wonderful practice to integrate into your daily life.

What Type of Meditation is Right For You?

There are different types of meditation practice, such as aromatherapy, reflexology, nourishing soak, acupuncture, and yoga. While most types of meditation can be done at your home (which is where most prefer), there are also places like a holistic center or health and wellness locations that offer meditation services in individual or group settings. The most popular type of meditation is yoga. Over fifteen million Americans practice some form of yoga in their daily lives, many of them using the same basic techniques that were founded over 5,000 years ago in India. To figure out what type of meditation may be right for you, here are some health benefit outcomes to consider:

  • Reflexology has helped headache patients immensely. Almost 20% of headache sufferers who use this method were able to go off medication related to headaches.
  • For insomniacs, 75% percent of them who use meditation have been able to fall asleep within 20 minutes from the time they go to bed.
  • Blood pressure reduction within weeks of integrating a yoga routine has shown significant success in many studies.

If you are in great health, there are still other benefits to mediation, like inner peace and a calm sense of being. These kinds of things can help with daily interactions, with tough decisions, relationship communication, and mental health. When using yoga as your main form of meditation, there is also a core and body strengthening element as well that can assist with toning or muscle building.

To Get Started

The easiest way to get started is to just research some basic techniques and start at home in a quiet place, or somewhere out of the home that would have a peaceful setting, such as; a park, waterfront, or tree filled area. Let yourself be able to close your eyes and focus on your breathing without any outside distractions. Remember to turn off your phone and to not set a time limit for yourself. Some meditation sessions will be long, others will be short. When doing this by yourself, you have the freedom and flexibility to set your own pace. If you do decide, or want to try a facility or group place, looking online or on local bulletin boards is a perfect way to find a place that will fit in with the kind of tranquility you are seeking.

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